moms purse

MOM’S PURSE Preschool PreK Kindergarten 1-Day Lesson Plan



  • Circle Time: Group Discussion: Mom’s Closet Memory Game
  • Pre-K: Clip-a-key Cards
  • Game: Mom’s Shopping List 4 of a Kind Game
  • Math: Counting Coins Coin Purse Puzzle
  • Writing: Message Math Cell Phones
  • Math: Mom’s Beauty Items & Fancy Purses
  • Craftivity: My Purse Craftivity

Student have so much fun completing MOM’S PURSE Lesson plan.

moms purseStudents will enjoy participating in this group discussion surrounding the items they might find

Mom’s purse. Items are arranged in a specific order on a tray, students close their eyes, the order of the items are changed, and students are asked to put them back in original order. Guessing continues as we remove an item and try to guess which item is gone.

mom2Students look at the lock, find and clip the correct key as they work through the Clip-a-Keys activity. They play a shopping list game of 4 of a kind and match up 2 pc. Puzzles as they find the number of coin purse coins to the matching coin purse number.

Students guess the sum as they read text math messages using Mom’s cell phone. Students complete make-up puzzles matching 2 pieces. They will match-up Mom’s Beauty cards and Fashion bags into pairs.


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