PreK Preschool Kindergarten Math Literacy Tasks Binder 1 and Binder 2 Available

120 Pages

Brain Building Math Tasks Binder 1 & 2 includes 200 engaging and simple Math and Literacy tasks that supports core learning concepts needed for Kindergarten success. Perfect for PreK, Preschool and kindergarten readiness prep and for kindergarten preparedness.


  • No Cutting
  • No Loose Pieces
  • No Velcro

Print out, place pages in 3-ring binder.

A preschool, pre-k and kindergarten journal full of brain building activities that will surely engage and excite your students. Print pages add sheet protectors and a binder for students to use each day. Instructions are on every activity.

Perfect for Summer Review:

Enjoy summer learning journey and review the concepts you’ve learned all year.

Don’t let them lose the skills they have learned throughout the year or fall behind. Plan and implement this math and literacy binder to refresh or review during the summer or any time of year.

Each activity asks your child to answer or solve the problem presented. As your child completes each task, they can record their success by adding a check mark or color in the ‘successfully completed’ circle on the bottom of each page.

Simple assessment and recording pages are available at the end.

I created this binder with my granddaughter in mind and felt others may enjoy using it with their child in preparing them for their Kindergarten journey. I had so much fun creating this series, my hope is, you find it to be a great resource when teaching your pre-k and kindergarten students.

Check previews to get an idea of contents.

Check out more brain building activities here:


Have Fun!